Canto X

Canto-X_02_image by Cid D'Avila
Image by Cid D’Avila


Deep in the Circle of the Heretics, a forgotten philosopher lies in his grave. His tomb is on fire. He’s got the whole of eternity to spend inside his own mind… good job he has a sense of humour.

Part of the Eme-Bal residency, Canto X uses text and physicality to create a new piece based on Dante Alighieri’s La Divina Commedia.

Work-in-progress sharing at Manipulate 2020 funded by Creative Scotland.

Directed/produced by Flavia D’Avila

Dramaturged by Jen McGregor

Cast: Ádám Tompa, Dave Robb and James Slimings

Musical direction by James Slimings

In development.



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