Dante 700: A Dead Poet’s Tour of the City

We have teamed up with The Centre for Scottish Culture at the University of Dundee to present this audio-guided walking tour of Dundee for the 2021 Being Human Festival.

Like Dante guided by Virgil, in this spin-off of Canto X, let yourself be guided by Scotland’s most infamous rhymester and meet some of Dundee’s dearest characters and places.

Written by Jen McGregor
Performed by Daniel Hird
Directed by Flavia D’Avila

Co-organised by Daniel Cook
On-site guides: Lewis Brown, Fay Rizo, Zuza Doktor, Pauline Van Beek, and Parker Agnew

PLEASE NOTE: this is offered free of charge but we would love it if you could buy us a Ko-fi to support future productions. To do that, please follow the link:



You can stream or download the audio files below (click the three dots next to the player to download the file). We recommend downloading the files while on wifi, saving them to your device and then playing them in order as you reach each stop. Best experienced with headphones.

Please wear comfortable shoes and prepare for the weather.

This is a hybrid audio/live action event. Please meet your guide at the Desperate Dan statue in Dundee at 5pm on Saturday 13th Nov, 2021.


Route is flat with no steps.

D/deaf audiences can download the PDF with written script below.

Visually impaired audiences without a companion can request assistance from one of our on-site guides.


Canto I: Desperate Dan Statue (map)

Download PDF

Canto II: RRS Discovery (map)

Download PDF

Canto III: Dundee Science Centre (map)

Download PDF