Theatre Tasters


Our debut production was a collection of three short plays presented as a 3-course lunchtime menu, written by playwrights of different nationalities and performed by a multinational cast.

Theatre Tasters premiered at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and played 3rd – 12th August at The Phoenix Cellar Bar on Broughton Street.

The production and the company launched on the 5th July, 2012 with a drinks tasting event at The Fiddler’s Elbows in Edinburgh, in partnership with Vino Wines, showcasing Australian wines, Scottish gins and Norwegian beers (each type of drink representing the playwrights’ nationalities).


Starter: Misguided Tour, by Angus Algie (Australia)

A 10-minute tale of an ex-con who now works as a nocturnal tour guide in the old jail where he used to be an inmate.

Main course: Lovely Burden, by Heather Irvine (Scotland)

A bittersweet comic play exploring a conversation between two young carers looking at how being around old people and waiting for death is much like being single.

Dessert: Team Player, by Oda Fiskum (Norway)

A quick-paced piece about chains and families and teams and guidelines and coupons and membership cards and making the customer happy and smiling and asking about your day and giving you 20% off on a pastry of your choice if you get a medium-sized hot beverage.


Cast: Chris Allan, Kristofor Bate, Sarah Cagossi, Jasmin Egner, Torya Winters, Mark Young
Musician: Sophie Crafts
Costumes: JoJo Lewis
Design: Kirsty Baxter
Produced and directed by Flavia D’Avila


“There’s a lot to like in this fun, diverse trio written by Australian, Scottish and Norwegian artists”
(Broadway Baby)

“The concept behind the company is to mix languages and cultures in theatre; it achieves this with watchable originality that distinguishes it from much of the Free Fringe work” (edfringe review)

“Writing sparkles throughout, and cast are uniformly strong: a sense of community and collaboration is obvious as they quick-change between courses and shift around props before serving the next slice of compelling theatre. Coping excellently with the confines of the tiny venue, Fronteiras have certainly created an impressive international feast”
(Edinburgh Spotlight)

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